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Welcome aboard Mateys! This ship is full of horror games from Alice Mare to Corpse Party, Kingdom Hearts, Pokémon, TWEWY, Klonoa, a few cartoons and even a deep though or two.
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Universe: Pokemon (Games)

Characters / Pairings: Silver, Leaf; Silver/Leaf

Summary: And despite the hurting and the waiting, you’re still eating away at my heart. - ReturnToStartShipping

Author’s Note: epilogue!!



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Ice Cubes and Monsters


Fandom: Portal
Summary: Because all ice melts, and even monsters have hearts. In which Chell becomes tired, and Wheatley actually cares.


A/N: This takes place shortly after Chell and GLaDOS get back up to ‘Wheatley’ Labs, before Wheatley goes full-on power crazy.
Also, androids just because I like android!Wheatley. GLaDOS is still a potato, though.

Also, there are a few mentions of what could be interprited as suicidal thoughts, but it’s nothing too major. Still, if that triggers you, be careful.

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Deadpool Annual #2 - Glorious spideypool moments

requested by anon

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this is garbage dunno why i spent 30 minutes on it sighs


this is garbage dunno why i spent 30 minutes on it sighs

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but guys

there’s gonna be a Deadpool movie

we will finally have Deadpool footage

can you imagine the Spideypool gifsets?

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